College Tuition Assistance

(SEAP) State Education Assistance Program
The State Education Assistance Program is a great benefit of the Air National Guard. The SEAP will pay up to $4500 a year or $250 per semester hour to any State or Private College for tuition. Make sure you take advantage of this great benefit!

Student Loan Repayment
The Student Loan Repayment program will pay back any existing or future student loans up to $20,000!
This is a great tool to help pay back expenses created by college.

Montgomery G.I. Bill

Chapter 1606 - With Montgomery G.I. Bill you can receive $317.00 tax free dollars each month for 36 months. This is money that can help pay for all the costly expenses of living while in college. This requires a 6 year enlistment with the Air National Guard.

You will have a 14 year window from date of eligibility to receive benefits.

Chapter 1607 - If you have served for 90 or more consecutive days since 9/11 of 01 please call 601484-9825 for more information.

Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker
If you enlist in a critical career field the Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker will add $350 tax free to you current GI Bill every month.

Enlistment Bonus for certain Critical Career Fields
For 6 a year Enlistment into a critical career field you can receive up to $20,000.