Join the Air National Guard

Welcome to Key Field ANG. Our team of highly trained professionals are here to ensure you get the best assistance in reaching your career goals by becoming a proud member of the Mississippi Air National Guard, The greatest Air National Guard unit in the nation.

Our team has helped hundreds of individuals fulfill there goals of becoming enlisted airman and officers in the Air National Guard. Many of these individuals have professional careers as a result of the financial assistance provided by the Air National Guard.

The majority of our guard members are from right here in your community. They may be your dad, mom, brother, sister, friend, teacher, pastor....... You get the picture.

Isn't it time for you to join our family? Contact recruiting for more information on how you can become part of the greatest part-time job in America.

So if you are looking for a great foundation to a exciting career, or you want to continue your military service on a part-time basis, REMEMBER THE MISSISSIPPI AIR NATIONAL GUARD AT KEY FIELD. "GUARDING AMERICA, DEFENDING FREEDOM"