Air Force Proposal Eliminates C27J; Replaces with MC-12

  • Published
  • By Capt Steven Stubbs
  • 186 ARW Public Affairs Office
Air Force Secretary Michael Donley released a proposal today that would eliminate the recently procured C27J Spartan aircraft in fiscal year 2013.

The service's strategy "favors retaining multi role capabilities going forward," Donley said. "The tactical air forces are going to get smaller and still be required to address a broad spectrum of threats."

However, with proposed actions in fiscal year 2014, between nine and eleven MC-12 aircraft will be transferred to Key Field from the Air Force active component. 

Donley said the reason the C-27 light turboprop transport will not only be canceled but existing aircraft retired is because the C-130 is more versatile.

"C-27 is another prominent program where we think we have good alternatives," Donley said. "We have demonstrated the ability of the C-130 to support the direct-support mission."

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